About Us

The Winery-Restaurant was born in 2005 thanks to the love for the world of oenogastronomy that has been cultivated in over forty years of activity by the Frattolillo wine shop. Three key-points of their philosophy: you eat, you drink, you learn.

 You eat. A place where the culinary art meets the culture of wine. Here is the issue: An A la carte menu rich in tradition and in experimentation, different every 6 weeks, devised by Chef Roberto Raimondi, topic evenings aimed at the discovery of always new wines and flavors, special menus for your special occasions and Catering services for private and corporate events to remember.

 You drink. For all wine lovers, and not only for them, a place where you can try and taste wines from all over Italy and from all over the world from the rich winery, which is personally managed by the Frattolillo Wine Shop in a peaceful, friendly and cozy ambience during topic evenings or in the company of your friends or your beloved ones.

You learn. Throughout the year the oenogastronomic educational offer, proposed by Cielo e Vino, enlivens the 5 senses: courses and tasting evenings given by skilled oenotechnicians and by oenogastronomists as well as cooking and pastry making courses given by our Chef and by skilful collaborators to enable you discover new emotions! All this thanks to the green energy of their photovoltaic system, which has been working since 2009.

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